About the American Legion Riders

The National American Legion Riders Movement

The American Legion Riders is a family oriented group working with the American Legion to promote and aid in the support of our veteran community. The idea of a riders group within the American Legion originated in 1993 when the American Legion Post 396 in Garden City Michigan approached their commander with the concept. It was accepted as a program of the American Legion. It was the brainchild of Legionnaire Chuck (Tramp) Dare and approved by Commander (Polka) Bill Kaledas.

From this humble beginning grew a movement within the American Legion that has spread to posts throughout the United States. True to its original intentions, Legion Riders provide a great service to the communities they live in. They organize charity rides, poker runs and hospital visits. They ride in parades and their presence is a visible extension of the American Legion. They contribute their time and effort to strengthening their respective posts and spreading good will throughout their community.

The Pinellas Park American Legion Riders of Post 104

The American Legion Riders of Pinellas Park has existed for several years. The organization is set up so members of the Riders don't necessarily belong to the post they ride with. This has allowed the Post 104 Riders to grow into one of the biggest Legion Riders group in the Tampa Bay Area.

Members of the Post 104 American Legion Riders contribute to the smooth running of the post. They help with dinners and events at the post as well as organizing their own rides and events to benefit our veterans. They work closely with other area Legion Riders groups and a number of the local motorcycle clubs and associations.