Update USSVI Records

How to Update Your Records

Thanks to Ted McAnly for this information

Now here is how you can update your own records. I asked Dave Harriss, our Treasurer, to go to the new USSVI website and put into plain language how to sign in the first time and get your password.

To access the USSVI Website:

1. Go to www.ussvi.org

2. On Home page click "Member Log in" at the top left hand column.

3. If you have never logged in before, go down about half way in paragraph below the log-in spaces and click on "Click here to have it sent to you".

4. Screen comes up where you can enter personal identifying data. If you have an email address on file with USSVI, they will almost instantaneously, send you an email with your log-in name and password. Once you have that you can go back to the home page and log-in.

Once logged in click on "profile" to see what info they have on you and to correct any wrong info. There are several tabs "Career", "Ships", Shore-Duty" etc. Correct/fill in info only where you wish.

With that same log-in name and password, you can also log on to site: "decklog.com" to get info on shipmates/reunions etc.

Thank you Dave for your Help.