SGT Gene Hawkins

American Legion Riders Post 104

PGR Ride for SGT Gene Hawkins

October 28, 2006, Orlando, Florida

Patriots from across Florida rode miles through the dark and stormy night to pay their respects to Fallen Hero SGT Gene Hawkins and his family in Orlando on October 28, 2006. It was as if the very skies wept at the loss of this Florida son.

Members of the Patriot Guard gathered early to salute SGT Hawkins as he was escorted to his final resting place. Nearly 50 bikers from many different organizations and locations came together to see SGT Hawkins on his last journey. Several M/Cs were in attendance as well as members of the National Patriot Guard, the Florida Patriot Guard, and American Legion Riders.

Everyone came to attention when the hearse arrived. A final salute was rendered and SGT Hawkins' remains entered the church for one last time. Everyone shared the Hawkins family loss and it was evident by the tear streaked faces of the leather clad bikers standing in honor of this young soldier who gave his all for the freedoms and security of his country.

The riders stood by waiting for the family of SGT Hawkins to arrive at the church. Florida State Captian, Sig 22, watches for their arrival. As the family is escorted into the church parking lot the patriots waiting there come to attention and raise their flags in honor as they enter the building to say their final farewell to their son, comrade and friend.

Rest well SGT Gene Hawkins, your duty has been done. You sit at the table of the Lord now. Each of us owes you a debt of gratitude for your service and stand in awe of your sacrifice.

Lowell St Cyr "Saint"

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